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Market Research & Discovery

Analisi Mercato

Market analysis focuses on people to understand what they think and say. In this phase we are able to gather qualitative and quantitative data from the main tools that users use on a daily basis.

In this phase we start building a repository of data from Market & User Research.

“We are what we click”.

User interviews

Data and micro data form the draft product back log which is defined and refined using direct interviews with users.

Conducting interviews with critical users allows to really identify the problems and therefore the needs of the end users. Critical users are all those who can contribute to improving a stage of design.

End users are not the only ones who have useful information for design: employees, customer service, and all departments that come into direct contact with the market, as well as management, are also subject to interviews.

User Personas

Personas are the output of a profiling and identification of target users representing what was found in the market analysis and user interviews.
They encapsulate all the information gathered about the users in the previous phases, in order to create a clearly defined schema about the users’ objectives, needs, problems and requirements.

This kind of documentation facilitates the integration between the various actors and aligns all stakeholders with the primary scope of the project.

Customer Journey

Data and interviews aim to assemble the Customer Journey, the path users take to become customers.

A clear and defined workflow of how users come into contact with the product and the company, allows to identify all the touchpoints and design experiences that meet the needs of users in each of them.

In this phase are identified all the steps that the target user follows when deciding to start the process of product adoption

Esempio di studio di un cliente Esempio di studio di un cliente Esempio di studio di un cliente

Good design can increase the loyalty and retention of your users, thus having a direct impact on your revenues.

Visual Design & User Interface

Esempio di studio con telefono

Information architecture

Logical organisation of informations and definition of the structure that digital products must have to satisfy the Journey.


Definition of the guidelines and visual mood boards that represent the main visual aspect of the product we create.

Visual identity

We study and developer the best visual identity to reach the target audience and to convey the values and positioning of the brand.


In this phase a highly faithful reproduction of the product is prepared for testing and analysis by all stakeholders.

A great design gives aunique experience to your product making it easy and intuitive to use.

“The future is bright”

Freccia che indica il progresso

We want to innovate to provide our customers (and your users) with a unique experience. We are focusing on the following areas:

Data e Analytics

Leveraging web analytics as an additional tool for market and competitor analysis and research. To date, the Customer Journey is made up of micro-moments that put together yield micro-data.

We are working to implement a constant foundation of data analysis in our workflow.

Eye Tracking

A key part of measuring the efficiency of the products we make is monitoring how users use them.

In order to innovate the more classic monitoring, we are testing different oculometric technologies to integrate eye tracking via webcams during the testing and validation phases of prototypes.

The aim is to have heat maps that give a clear idea of where users place their gaze when using a site or an app.

Process, Time, Collaboration

Constant communication

We use methods and tools that allow all stakeholders to be always aligned on the progress of the work.

Honesty and Transparency

We are always honest with our customers. We use our expertise and critical thinking to provide professional and objective feedback.

User obssesed

Our aim is to give value to the end user: we please users to make our customers happy.


We don’t choose customers but we choose partners: we overcome the customer-supplier relationship by making our customer feel part of the team.

Grafici che indicano l'avanzamento dei lavori

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